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You can use Any Words, Numbers, Letters or Marks for your company name according to your preference but you are not allowed to use “ Chamber of Commerce, President, Presidential, Municipal, incorporated, Co-operative, Society, National, State, Finance or Sri Lanka”. But you can use “Lanka” or “Ceylon” words. Eg :- A B C 99 (Private) Limited
There is no legal difference in putting "PVT LTD" or "PRIVATE LTD"
You can use any address within Sri Lanka as a company Registered office address and any proof document for the address is not required. But if you have any plan to import or export any item within one year period like pls mention the address which belongs to any director or close relation of any director or lease property (Because Sri Lanka CUSTOM is requesting address proof – This applies only for the importers and exports).*You can change the address any time in the future
Objectives of the Company
Under the common objective you can conduct a any kind of business. If you want to make it specific please choose the other and mention it .

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