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Audit and Assurance Services

Whether you require a statutory or non statutory audit, our Auditors can help you. We provide audit services for a range of clients. The firm’s audit approach is based on understanding the client, including the industry in which they operate, its organizational structure and its internal control processes.

A customized auditing plan aligned with client needs

The firm’s business structure and special areas of focus facilitate the preparation of a customized auditing plan for each client.

An effective efficient and focused auditing approach

Focusing on genuine risks makes it possible to focus on those areas where financial statements are exposed to the highest risk, while saving resources in other areas.

Added value for the client by analyzing business process

analyzing business process and examining risks and controls enables audit teams to spot both weaknesses and possibilities for improvement in the various business divisions, adding value for the client.

Quality control improving the presentation of the financials

improving the presentation of the financial statements and accompanying notes to more accurately reflect the business financial position and the results of its operations.

We offer you following types of audits

Auditing is the solution to analyze the effectiveness of the internal control system, compliance with regulations and to prevent frauds & malpractices, because with audits an external expert opinion is delivered about the company status. As a publicly practicing Chartered Accountancy Firm BEMS Associates can offer you following types of Audits,

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