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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

General questions and answers to our clients

Address: 1277/2, Rajamalwatha Rd, Battaramulla 01500

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  • Monday 8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday 8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday 8AM–6PM
  • Thursday 8AM–6PM
  • Friday 8AM–6PM
  • Saturday-Closed
  • Sunday -Closed
  • Company Secretary Services
  • Book Keeping and All Accounting Charges
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Financial Statement Auditing & Assurance Services
  • Human Resource Management
    Ex: – EPF/ETF Registration
  • Export Development Support Services
  • Legal Services
  • Other Services


We provide all professional services ranging from Business Registration, including Taxation, Financial Statement Auditing, Accounting Services, Human Resource Management, Business Consultancy and Legal Services

Our clientele includes local, international and multinational companies and non for profit organization.

Company Registrations and Subsequent Changes

Common Questions

Only one person can incorporate a company, which is the minimum requirement but that person can only be the director and a shareholder where he/she cannot act as the secretary.

  • Unless you have given special rights to someone in Aticles of Association of the company the shareholders have the rights to take decisions regarding the changes and incase of minor changes the directors have the rights.

The company documents should be kept at it’s registered address. A director can anytime check the company documents as and when needed.

Can limit the activities of a director by adding a special clause to the Articles of Association.

Yes. A director can anytime resign from the company while shareholders have the power to remove a director anytime. In this case the director is liable to all the liabilities of the company till the date of resignation or removal.

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Accounting & Auditing Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

  • Advice to maintain the Accounts by your self
  • Provide Accounting software and train your staff
  • Prepare the Accounts based on your documents and details provided
  • Arrange staff to visit to your Location to prepare the Finance
  • Outsource your accounts department to Business EYE
  • Supervise your accounts department and Issue Monthly Accounts



Audit is the examination or inspection of various books of accounts by an auditor

Member of charted institute of Sri Lanka

Based on the Evidence which Management provide, Auditor gives his opinion on Financial Statements

  • All the Bank Statements for the relevant Period
  • Evidence for the Income including Invoices
  • Evidence for the Expenses
  • Agreements which you have entered
  • Conformations for the Selected Balances
  • Soft copy of Accounts (If you have prepared only)

TAX Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

  • Tax Free Allowance and Qualifying payments- LKR 3 Mn Tax Free Allowance


– LKR 1.2 Mn for Education / Medical / Housing Loan interest / Capital

Investment / Medical Insurance / Contribution to pension scheme

– Individual –  1/3 of  T/I or LKR 75,000/- max Approved Charity

– Donation to Government (Fully Allowed) – Only for that Year


  • Tax Rates

– 6%, 12% & 18% for each LKR 3 Mn


  • APIT – Advance Personal Income Tax
  • Tax Free Allowance and Qualifying payments

– LKR 1 Mn Tax Free Allowance


  • Tax Rates – 6%
  • Small and Medium enterprises, Education, Promotion of tourism, Construction services, Agro processing, Healthcare services, Export – 14%


  • Betting and gaming, Tobacco products – 40%


  • Other Companies – 28%
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