Required Information for the Company Incorporation

First of all, we would like to thank you for selecting Business Eye Management Services (Private) Limited as your business Consultant.

1.    Required Details for the Company Incorporation

     We need the following information to prepare the documents for the company incorporation,

a.     Name of the Company,

b.    Address of the Company,

c.     Full Name, Address & NIC/PassPort No. of Directors,

d.    Full Name, Address,  NIC/Passport No & No. of shares of shareholders,

e.     Company Objectives

f.     Contact person’s name, Contact No and email address

You can send the above details via email or if not click the below link and submit the Google form,

Information Form for Private Limited Registration

2.     Guideline to fill  the above information

a.     Name of the Company – You can use Any Words, Numbers, Letters or Marks for your company name according to your preference but you are not allowed to use “ Chamber of Commerce, President, Presidential, Municipal, incorporated, Co-operative, Society, National, State, Finance or Sri Lanka”. But you can use “Lanka” or “Ceylon” words.

Eg :- A B C 99 (Private) Limited

b.    Address of the Company – You can use any address within Sri Lanka as a company Registered office address and any proof document for the address is not required. But if you have any plan to import or export any item within one year period like pls mention the address which belongs to any director or close relation of any director or lease property (Because Sri Lanka CUSTOM is requesting address proof – This applies only for the importers and exports).

c.     Full Name, Address & NIC/PassPort No. of Directors – Director is a person who is managing the company and the director doesn’t have any ownership to the company unless if he is not a shareholder. The minimum requirement is one and there is no maximum limit. Shareholders have powers to remove the directors. Any Foreign party can act as a company director/s without any problem. In Such a situation, we need his/her full name, Foreign Address and the passport No only.

d.    Full Name, Address,  NIC/Passport No & No. of shares of shareholders – Shareholder is a person who is own the company and they are enjoying profit for their investment. Any person can be a shareholder as well as a director. The minimum requirement is one and the maximum limit is fifty. Shareholders have a powers to take a decision about the directors.   Any Foreign party and any government employee can be act as a shareholders. Any Foreign parties can hold maximum of 100% ownership of the most of the business categories.

e.     Company Objectives – If you are expected to do the multiple business under one company Pls mention as a “Common objectives” under the company objectives then we will wording that according the companies act. But if you want to highlight any business segment or segments pls mention those objectives under the company objectives. There is no any special benefits in those two methods. But if there are foreign shareholders, specifying the objectives of the company is compulsory.

f.     Contact person’s name, Contact No and email address – These details only for our reference to update our data bases and those are not mentioned in anywhere in the company incorporation documents.

Those instructions are given to give the general idea about the structure of the company and resolve some of your common questions. Because we have seen some of you are giving the details for the above, bases on the wrong information given by somebody else (Eg:- Somebody think company can’t incorporated without two directors, foreigner can’t hold 100% share ownership, etc). Therefore, when you are communicating with us pls let us know your actual requirement then we will advise to you whether it’s possible under the existing laws.

3.     Total Cost for the Company Incorporation

Pls find the quotation attached herewith.

4.     Payment Stages of the Company Incorporation

1.     1st Advance payment of LKR 5,000/- with information.

2.     2nd Advance payment of LKR 15,000/- to be paid after signing all the documents for the company incorporation but before submitting the documents to the company registrar.

3.      Final Payment when you collect the Incorporation certificate and other documents after completing the company incorporation process.

Pls note – You can make the payments at our office, directly to our bank account or online by using Your Credit or Debit Card. If you make the payments at our office, we will issue the receipt to confirm the payment. If you make the payment directly to our bank accounts, pls inform the same Via SMS, Email, Viber or Whatsapp and keep the deposit slip of the proof of payment with you.

 For the online Payments

If you are making the online payment. Pls click here.

Bank Payments

If you are making the bank deposits You can use any of the following bank Accounts to according to your convenience,

Commercial Bank (Chillow) Savings A/C NO 8500021609,

HNB (Cinnamon) Current A/C NO- 076010125268,

Sampath Bank (Colombo Super Branch) Savings A/C NO- 117554427346,

NDB Bank (Chillow) Savings A/C NO- 106110131178,

NTB Bank (Nawala) Savings Account No. 200270007855

Cargills Bank (Kollupitiya) Savings A/C – 002107000445 (Payment can be done at Any

Cargills Food city)

Account Holder: Y.M Jagath Indika

Commercial Bank (Nawala) Current Account : 1101013945

Account Holder : Business Eye Management Services (Pvt) Ltd 

5.     Office Location

Head Office –  Business Eye Management services (Private) Limited,

                        No. 1277, 2 Rajamalwatta Rd,Battaramulla

If you want get the directions to come to our office, pls call on 0112889845 or 07 64 24 64 25 or 070 284 22 00 or Please or search “Business Eye Management Services (Private) Limited” on Google maps. 

6.    Working Hours

We are working on weekdays from 8.30 am to 6.00pm.

If you need any clarifications or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to work with you.

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